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Live Astro Consultation Services 2020-08-08T05:39:14

Live Astro Consultation Services

Astrology Consultation For Solutions At Click’s Away

From face to face astro-consultation to live astro consultation services, our way of offering astro-based services is available for customers in more than one medium of communication. When you choose web-based consultation for our astro-services, it offers you a tireless approach to get connected to our erudite astrologer and avail trusted solutions for your life’s any problem. Call astrologer on phone or consult him via web, either way, the comfort of getting connected to our astrologer is truly exceptional. Instant solutions for your life issues are now available on phone. Talk to Astrologer On Phone Now.

The world has changed a lot! Thanks to technology, access to services and products – that may have earlier been considered inaccessible – is now possible – even at our doorsteps, at our convenience. Astrology consultation – live and authentic - too is now available at the touch of a button. We bring you various ways, by which you can now get in touch with your trusted Astrologer – for a 100% personalized and live consultation. 

Get predictions and assessments for yourself and your family members, get Kundlis matched or compatibility matches, ask questions, get clarifications and remedies – all of it basis a detailed reading of Natal Chart or Birth Chart, done with Vedic Astrology principles.

Face to Face Astro-Consultation-

Don’t believe in anything else, but meeting your Astrologer face to face well we have a service that allows you to book an appointment for a face-to- face consultation with our Astrologer – at our office in New Delhi. You will get a 100% personalized service – that will soothe your anxiety and solve your troubles. The face to face interactions are best for people, who don’t find a connect with the modern media and are most comfortable discussing their queries and issues in person. Get answers to all your doubts and problems by scheduling a proper Face To Face Consultation.

Astrologer on Email–

For the ones who fear that personal biases or human subjective angles will creep in; if they contact the Astrologer personally…we have the email set up. Send an email with your complete birth details and your concern to our Astrologer. He will then cast your Chart and answer your question, and send a detailed answer with suggestions to you via email.

Astrologer By Posl–

For the ones, who find solace in the written word, we canalso ensure that you get your answer written and printed in hard copy, so you can save it with you, and consult it in your most preferred way.

Astrologer on Phone/ Video Conferencing–

For the ones, who wish to connect directly with our Astrologer, but are not in a position to come to our HO for a face to face consultation, you can opt for a video conferencing or on phone consultation. 

Choose what works the best for you. For situations, where you feel embarrassed or unsure of seeing an Astrologer directly, or you are worried that a personal bias will come in - ask for services where you remain a stranger to the Astrologer.

Those who want to seek Astrology consultation from Pt Umesh Chandra Pant can find description of the charges below. Please submit required fees by looking at the description and either call Pt Umesh Chandra pant or you are welcome to have an appointment to seek consultation. We want to seek consultation through an E-mail and phone also. Please visit our Astrology center for detailed information of your horoscope analysis. Don't wait until the problem goes out of your control. Astrologer On Call 15 Min and get answers.

Serial No.

No. of Questions

Amount (INR)

Amount (USD)


Ask 1 Question

Rs. 525



Each Report (i.e. Carrier/Marrige)




Detail Analysis

Rs. 2478



Vastu Suggestions

Rs. 5355



Horoscope Making

Rs. 525



Remedial Consultation

Rs. 1062



Detailed Match Making

Rs. 1298


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