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Zodiac Signs

Indian Vedic System of Astrological Predictions - Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Signs are a great way to get insights about you, your life and your loved ones’ life, personality, strengths and weaknesses. Although they are a broad and general way of categorizing people, basis Astrological principles, they work well - to quite an extent.

For starters, they work excellently well for the simplicity of their approach. You can easily identify which Zodiac Sign you belong to – and remember it.

The intricacies of a Birth Chart or a detailed Natal Chart reading are not easy to understand. Yes, a personalized Astrological reading of the Birth Chart cast basis complete birth details, including time and place remains the most reliable way to predict about life and future – yet Zodiac Signs are great for giving a fair idea in a general sense. It’s like getting a great feel of the surface!

For all practical purposes, we follow the Indian Vedic System of Astrological predictions – as our research proves that it is quite accurate and definitive. When compared to the Western Sun Sign system, which is extremely generalized, the Moon Sign system of predictions is more specific – and in tune with the Astral movements – because it is the Moon (and not Sun) that is the fastest moving luminary. The moon changes its Sign every day – so reading, keeping the transiting Moon in view is surely more exact.

Also, while Moon Signs are determined by a person’s Rashi – which can be ascertained accurately only by looking at his/ her Birth Chart, the Sun Signs are divided as per the months of the year. Now, that’s getting too far with the simplistic approach!

Zodiac Signs according to moon signs follow the middle path, wherein you won’t need to remember Houses and Planets et al, but shall also do not get a Rashi or Sign tag, basis just your Birth date and month. The Moon Sign also takes into account your Birth Year – and the Nakshatras/ Constellations in effect, when you were born. So, Moon Signs are well defined – and may also give you higher accuracy, in terms of your life predictions.

Love Tip - Moon Signs are also a good and valid way to match your compatibility with someone whose Moon Sign you know of!

Through this Free Horoscope page, you will get your detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions, basis you’re Zodiac Moon Sign. The predictions for all Moon Signs, keeping in tune with the in-effect planetary positions, are arrived at after careful readings and assessments by our expert Astrologer. These are written in lucid, easy to understand versions.

If you have been a follower of Star Signs – specifically Sun Signs and Horoscope predictions, you will notice a marked difference in Moon Sign predictions – which, we assure you, shall find great applicability to a variety of your life areas. This happens, as we read the Moon’s position in Zodiac Sign/ Rashi/ Moon Sign – in relation to the transiting Moon (that changes every day).

Daily predictions will give you a fair idea of the tone of a day, while the weekly horoscopes shall provide for a more detailed theme. In Monthly predictions or monthly horoscopes, you will find a definitive undercurrent that will help you set pace for a month or fortnight. We will also highlight key dates and events, during a month. The Annual Horoscopes or the yearly predictions are designed to cover and touch all relevant aspects of your life, so you can plan your year accordingly.

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