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What Clients Say 2020-08-07T12:36:56

What Clients Say

Check Out How We Fare In Our Client’s Reviews

What clients say about our service integrity and dedication rest solely in the fact that we deem it our professional duty to extend astrological solutions which are authentic from the viewpoint of Vedic astrology. This is why our astrologer testimonials carry wonderful extols of our client’s we’d served in the past with a duty-bound approach, making them absolutely winsome in the way they led their lives post availing our astrological services. Read our Customer Reviews to know compass of our integrity for our service. Sharing your problems with an expert astrologer will surely help you. Talk to Astrologer and get all solutions.

Your Trust is Paramount to us!

Feedback, Testimonials and Reviews Matter…

Honouring and nurturing customers’ trust and faith is integral for any business. In a field like Astrology, where the entire foundation is based on faith and accuracy, it becomes non-negotiable. We respect your faith and emotions as much as we revere the subject of Astrology, and thus always strive to make your experience absolutely seamless. Client relationships are extremely important to us. That is why we always ensure that our Astrological offerings are delivered to you in the most accurate and reliable manner possible – even if it means going an extra mile. Ask 5 Questions to our expert astrologer Umesh from Astrology Horoscope India Center and he will guide you accurate answers.

We are happy that at our valued patrons consistently acknowledge our extra efforts. Owing to our strong value-based methodology, our Astrology services, predictions and consultation have always won numerous accolades and praises. We are genuinely grateful to our clientele for providing us with heart-felt feedback and suggestions. Your kind words of appreciation keep us going.

Apart from the heartening reviews and testimonials we regularly receive - questions, concerns and critical reviews from our visitors and followers help us make necessary additions and changes to our offerings, delivery modes and website products, thereby helping us to enhance our bouquet of services. Hence, we request you to keep sending us your love and unbiased reviews and suggestions. You may reach out to us via email or phone. Also, do not forget to share your reviews and feedback, after receiving any of your orders. Are you stuck in your Love Life, then get proper guidance with Love Report.

We look forward to sharing a beautiful bond!

What Clients Say

Astrologer Umesh provides accurate and timely solutions based on his practical experience. His remedies have proven very helpful to me. His advice on different spheres like education, professional life and other fields are very effective. He is very patient and explains things in great detail. The gem stones he suggests are also very effective and bear results. Would suggest those seeking astrological advise and solutions should visit him once.

Anurag, Gurgaon

I was suggested to seek a solution to my problems by Astrologer and consult Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant. I followed his advice and was suggested to pooja of Sfatik Sri Sri Yantra and other vedic astro remedies by the astrologer. This proved to be extremely helpful. My business is recovering and my financial situation has also improved. I have a high regard for astrologer Umesh, who helped me in my tough times. I can never forget his contribution.

Rajeev Hasija, Delhi

I was consult to Pt Umesh for horoscope reading. I feel that pandit ji really true person and guide very well. I followed the remedies and other astrological guide of pandit ji and so relaxed. He is a genuine person and complete knowledge of astrology. I recommend pandit ji to everyone who wants actual guidance of astrology. Always regards to pandit ji. Kishan, Delhi

Kishan Singh, Delhi

I approached Pt. Umesh and we get astrology report. The answers were clear, predictions correct and they even told us the bitter truth. Whatever happened, but I am now relaxed. I will recommend Pt. Umesh

Shyam Sunder, Delhi

I came to know about Pavitrajyotish kendra from internet. I took an appointment from Umeshji and met him...Umeshji is a man of principle and truth. He provide me with very much tremendous and appropriate remedies,to solve my problems.The remedies suggested by Mr.Umeshji is very applicable and easy to do...Today i am very much satisfied with his remedies...Currently,I got a good job and the things are happening well around me..I am very much thankful to Umeshji for his timely suggestions...

Rimjhim gupta

I am sharing my views & opinion. I feel that its really true person & always guide in positive direction.

Ashutosh, Gurgaon

Astrologer Umesh is a genuine person who has the complete knowledge of jyotish in entire Delhi.

Peeyush, Ajmer

Astrologer Umesh is like a family now to me. i have consulted them often, and the results have been very good and their analysis straightforward. When I confused about my career and it turning into a boring story, I consult Astrologer Pant and now very happy. I will advise them in each new work. thanks to Astrologer Umesh.

Malti Mehra, Gurgaon

I had a problem involving my marital life. I have never had a good life. I was facing so many problems. My families were worried too. Then I decided to consult an astrologer and choose Pt Umesh in Google search. Pt Umesh Advice me to do some vedic remedies. Now my marital with family life is happy. Definitely astrologer umesh is a brand in astrology services in India. Regards to panditji

Balbir Singh

I found Acharya Umeshji by surfing on internet through Google. I have been to few astrologers regarding the issues of my problems and was not completely satisfied with the answers or predictions. Normally the astrologers advice that they will perform puja on our behalf and they charge the amount from us. The good thing I like about Acharya Umeshji that he asks us to perform the puja as per our problem which is very simple and not complicated. The remedies advised by him are very helpful and easily affordable. After consulting him I found changes. Thank you Acharya Umeshji for your guidance and showing me the right path. Regard

Manju Surana, Delhi

I am impressed with Pt Umesh Chandra's Astrology services. Liked the advice provided by Mr Umesh. Thanks for your true services. Regards Navin

Naveen, New Delhi

I approached Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant and we get astrology report. The answers were clear, correct predictions he shown me right path of life. I will recommend Pt. Umesh

Sudarshan Singh, Faridabad

वास्तव मे ज्योतिष एक चमत्कारिक विज्ञान हैइसका सही सही अहसास तब हुआ जब पंडित जी से संपर्क हुआकाफी सारी समस्याये थीहल कुछ भी सूझ नहीं रहा थाउमेश जी ने ज्योतिष के माध्यम से मुझे मेरी जन्मकुंडली देखकर कुछ प्रयोग करने को कहा जैसे रत्नधारणयन्त्र पूजन एवं व्रतइन बताये गए प्रयोगों से मुझे चमत्कारिक लाभ हुआमै पंडित उमेश जी का ह्रदय से आभारी हूँ-- सादरकिशन


Umeshji remedies have proven very helpful to me.He is very patient and explains things in great detail. The gem stones he suggests are also very effective and bear results. Thank you Acharya Umeshji for your guidance and showing me the right path.

Vinayak, Dehradun

I was introduced to Acharya Umesh ji through my sister. Thanks to his guidance and upaya, I got positive results in my legal dealings. I am very grateful for his timely intervention and support. And highly recommend him

Artist Pranita Jain, Chicago (USA)

I know umesh ji for around one year . I was going through bad phase in life and It was difficult for me to come out . I have searched so many astrologers and their motifs were earning money and I have wasted a lot of money . But in the case of umesh ji he used to be very true and his remedies are more of doing by myself . So by doing these remedies to large extent those problems have been finished . I am following these remedies which are easy in doing but of course one take out time from busy routine of life . He is good person tells very clearly what a person is supposed to do . I believe astrology alone can never help but certainly it can guide life into direction, the karma is very important and rest leave it on God.

Prof. Gaurav Gangwar, Chandigarh

I was searched panditji thru Google. Many heartful thanks to panditji for your career report. Blissful and life changing experience from astrologer umesh. Your good name in my heart and for any referral. Many thanks for your great help sir. Always regards

Dan Bahadur

I know Pt Umesh Chandra and his esteemed astrology organisation Pavitra Jyotish Kendra last 6 years. Astrologer Umesh has a lot of knowledge of astrology and especially effective remedies. 6 years ago i was so much worried and contact to panditji. As per advice of panditji I choose to wear pearl and 8 mukhi rudraksha. This was the most wonderful decision for me. It helped me a lot of deal with my problems and to eliminate them altogether. Now my family life and business etc is so good. I always remember to panditji for their guidance and help. I recommend for all

Ankit Jain, Delhi

I got in touch with Umesh Panditji after searching on google. I live abroad. His guidance is very clear and he explains everything very clearly. I have just started working in the remedies suggested by him regarding my health and all round happiness in the family. So far I have seen positive effect. I hope this trend will continue. I am very pleased with the consultation service provided by Panditji Umesh and his packets have arrived to me on time and in good shape.

Ginni, New York, USA

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